Thursday, May 22, 2008


1.Do you know another instance where Curly was being a human predator other then when he started bossing his wife around?

Curly was being a human predator when he was messing with Linnei. For no reason at all. Linnie was so nice and curly just kept messing with him. Like when Curly first met Linnie he walked right pass George and started talking to Linnie like he was a boss. The thing about it was that Linnie was way bigger then Curly. Then later on in the novel Curly started fighting Linnie for no reason and Linnie then showed him who the boss was.

2.Could anything in this story have happened in the hood?

I though nothing likes this could happen in the hood until my English teacher starting saying he wanted to make a remake of this novel. And change stuff around and after listening to that I think something like this could happen in the hood. So things would just have to be changed around.

3.What message would you ask of the author of this book?

The message I would send to the author would have to be. What was the reason for writing this book? What did he want the readers to get out of this book? Did he want us to see how people don’t stick together all the time and when they do stick together they hurt other people. What did he want us to get out of this book? Also what made him come up and write this book? What was he thinking about?

4.Was Linnie and Bigger from native son anything a like?

They were very different. Linnie was kind of slow but he was happy the way he was. The littlest things in life was what really matted in life.Linnie never changed the way he acted for any one. He was not scared to be his self. But with bigger he was very confused with his life. He changed the way he acted for certain people and he acted like h e was tougher then he really was. Kind of like Curly.

5.What was the underline theme of this novel?

I think the underline theme of this novel would have to be to see how people are human predators. Every time somebody gets a chance to attack someone they do. Instead of helping someone and just friends they try to hurt the person and break them down.

6.What are some of the problems that the people had with their self in this book?

Well a lot of people in this book have a problem with their self. But the person I’m going to talk about is Curly Wife. Her problem with herself is that she could have been way better then what she is living now. She feels as though she can’t do anything. She can’t even talk to any other males, only Curly. She is very lonely and she just wants to live a better life and be able to have enough freedom to talk to others without Curly saying something.

7.What was some of the motives of the way Curly acted?

Some of the motives that forced Curly to act that way were because he had problems with his self and he felt as though he had to prove his self to everybody. In the novel all he wanted to do was show everybody that he was a boss. Just because he was shorter than the others did not mean anything because he was strong. That’s why he always tried to pick on everybody.

8.What was the turning point of this novel?

I believe that the turning point of the novel was when George shot Linnie in his head. That was the turning point of the novel for me because it was so sad. Everybody that was reading the novel could not believe it. I was in total shock. In a way I think George was doing his self a favor because he did not want anybody to hurt linnie but it was so sad because he had to do it. After all they had been through together.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Service Learning

In our last service we were talking as a group about if we sold some snacks or something what we should buy with the money. We came up with pencils and stuff like that. So we could buy math supplies. We came up with little sentences that would make people want to buy our stuff. One thing we came up with was Lollipops for leanring. Then we assigned every person to a date that would sale stuff for the whole week. We then talked about who would bring in the stuff to sale for our first sale coming up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

service learning

For the next service I dont know what we will be doing because I was not here for the last service learning so I dont know what my group has done

service learning

I was not here for the last service learning because I was sick and had to stay at home

Monday, May 12, 2008

Of Mice and Men [human preadtor]

In this short essay I’m going to talk about how a lot of the main characters turned out to be human predators. The characters I’m going to talk about are Crooks, Curley and Curley’s wife. A predator is one that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one’s own gain.

The first person I would like to talk about it Crooks. Crooks is the only African American in the novel, His job was to take care of the horses. In the novel Of Mice and Men crooks was a human predator one particular time. In the novel George left Lennie alone to go out. While George was out Lennie decided to go up to Crooks room. When Lennie came in Crooks got mad and told him to leave. Crooks sounded very mad he said I’m not allowed to be in your room so you got to get out. Lennie then responded and Crooks found out that Lennie was slow. He then turned into a human predator. He started to tell him how George would leave him or he would get hurt. Lennie got real sad and started to cry. That part of the novel showed how Crooks was a predator. He victimized Lennie because he could. Crooks did this because he felt bad and it was easy to break Lennie down so he did.

Another character in this book that was a human predator was Curly. Curly was not self confident, he felt as though he had to show how powerful he was because he is shorter then the others. One of the main people Curly victimized was his wife. I think that Curly bossed his wife around because he wanted to show everybody that he ran his or her relationship. Curly also was very rude to Linnie, because Linnie was bigger then him and he wanted to show the other how brave and strong he was. After Curly found out that Linnie was slow he picked on him even more. In the novel Curly started to fight Linnie because he thought that he could make a fool of Lennie. It turned out that Lennie made a fool of him because he was stronger and crushed his hand.

The final human predator was Curly’s wife. She used her looks to victimize the other male workers. The main person that she victimized was Linnie. She tried to talk to him more then the other because she knew she could make him talk to her. In the novel would do little things to male linnie want to talk to her, she would pull on her dress and more. Another thing that she did to make linnie talk to her was open up to him and talk to him about stuff he would want to talk about.

In collusion I think that the author was trying to get across was that people could also be a predator. People are supposed to stick together but instead they find each other’s weakness and try to break the other person down. Only thinking about there selves.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Of Mice and Men [Symbolize] {GRADE THIS}

In this short essay I would like to talk about the book Of Mice and Men. This book has a lot of meaning to it, if you think about what’s going on in the book. The main thing I would like to talk about is Lennie’s puppy. I know you might be thinking that’s a corny essay. But that’s my point, to show you how the puppy symbolizes so much more. The puppy symbolizes new beginnings and dreams.

I would like to start talking about how a little puppy can symbolize so much more. Lennie’s puppy symbolizes new beginnings. By that I mean a clean slate, the person will be able to start over and change everything and forget about the past. When people think of new beginning they might think their new beginning is moving, getting a new home and more. The puppy in this book shows Lennie’s new beginning. It shows the new beginnings because Lennie is at a new place and he gets a new dog. Lennie enjoys spending time with the new puppy. The puppy shows that lennie can change now. He has a new life to start, just like the puppy. The new beginning in this book is the farm that Lennie , George and Candy would like to own. Were they could share home together and “live off the fat of the land.” Where they don’t have to worry about people canning them, because they own there own farm.

The final thing I would like to talk about it how the puppy symbolizes dreams. A dream is a very powerful thing that anyone can have, a dream is what keeps a person moving every day. In the novel Of Mice of Men the main dream that every body wants is to be able to live independently.

In conclusion, I think that the novel Of Mice of Men was a really good book. This book showed me that every thing you read symbolizes something, if you really think about it. So I hope my short essay helps you notice how much meaning this book really has, and makes you want to read the novel again to get the full effect of how well written this book is.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Service Learning

For the next service learning I know that I am going to have to read over the surveys that the 9th and 10th graders gave back to us. Which is about our service learning and there ideas so we know what they wold be willing to do and would they e willing to go. I think this class is going to be easy because it should not take that long to count the surveys and stuff.